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We know you've probably got some questions about about our products. We hope to answer most of them in this section, but if not, just give us a call: 289-290-3405
1. How do I get more product information?
You can contact us directly with technical or any other questions you may have. Best way to contact us:
Phone: 289-290-3405
2. What do you require in order to supply detailed quote?
Please choose the style, provide quantity of the posts and linear footage. Alternatively please provide sketch or drawing.
Please provide height and diameter of the base, diameter and length of the thread for the cap, thread size and quantity.
Please provide square footage or drawings of the glass.
Provide shipping address.
Please email request for a quote, when received please sign it and send it back - quote becomes an order. We may require full or partial payment with the order depending on the size. We accept Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer (We do not accept AmEx).
4. Can I customize posts and brackets to fit my project?
Yes, most our product are fully customizable and there is no extra charge for that convenience. In addition you can mix and much components and systems.
5. Does the posts require any assembly?
No assembly necessary. All post systems are shipped assembled with base flange, panel brackets and rail supports - ready for installation.
6. How complicated is the installation?
All our systems are designed for easy installation, please refer to our Literature section for details.
7. Are your products suitable for exterior application?
Yes, all our systems can be used for exterior application.
8. What grade stainless steel is used?
We use SS304 grade of stainless steel for most of the products with possibility of using SS316 on request. Spigots and Spider Fittings are made of SS316.
There are two grades of stainless steel used to produce most of the architectural products: SS304 - most common, used in interior as well as exterior applications, SS316 has better corrosion resistance and is used in applications where better weather resistance is required due to harsh conditions. (water front, pool area, close to the street)
9. Do you ship to US?
We Ship Anywhere Across the United States And Canada as well as Caribbean and Mexico